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Failed Experiments In Running Schedule Changes

As much as I get on a soapbox about listening to your body, I'm still pretty terrible at it.

This post was originally about how I had started running at night since the weather had begun changing and how that was so much better than running in the middle of the day. I was so confident that now I could look back at my running data and my blog posts over the past year to gauge how I should switch up my running with the seasons.

Which, sure, running when it's 95 degrees and humid is not desirable, but my body felt awful on all but one or two of my night runs. It's also difficult in terms of timing, because it doesn't get dark and start cooling off until after 8:00pm so even after running and showering, it's tough to slow down enough to sleep at a decent time.

On the plus side, my newest running shoes are on point for running at night.

I'm now back to getting up early and running first thing in the morning, which my body feels a lot better about - my mind, too, for that matter. In looking back at my old posts to see if I could observe a pattern, the one that emerged was that:

running earlier in the day always ends up making me feel better.

Planning my run first thing in the morning not only sets a great tone for my day, but it also gives me incentive to get out of bed early enough before the temperature starts getting too high. Not being 16 anymore, it's a little harder to avoid the signals my body is sending me, even if I have a hard time interpreting them sometimes.

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