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Record Setting Month

April was a pretty big running month for me. I accomplished one of my big three running goals that I set out last year when I ran my first half marathon and made my time goal of finishing in under 2 hours.

I also got some interesting stats from Runkeeper - the run tracking app I use that I would highly recommend.

The app sent me an email about midway through May that I had logged 500 miles running while using the app. That mileage is spread across about a year so it breaks down to not being so nuts, but seeing that I've run 500 miles in under a year was pretty nuts. That's roughly the round trip distance you would drive between Raleigh, NC and Washington D.C. and a year ago, I never thought I'd be logging that kind of running.

Another interesting stat from Runkeeper was that I logged more miles in April than any other month so far. I got up to around 88 and am a little peeved at myself for not sucking it up and running 2-3 miles on the 30th so that I could break 90, but at least that gives me something else to shoot for!

One of the things the email from Runkeeper said was to celebrate the milestones and I have to agree with that. No matter what you're doing, it's important to give yourself credit for your work. I took a couple weeks to do some running just for fun, but now I'm starting to get into tempo runs for the first time to try and get my speed up for The Bear!

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