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Training Taper

My first half marathon is this Sunday so I'm having the feeling like I'm walking into class on the day of an exam because if I'm not prepared by now, it's pretty much too late. Granted, I never spent months preparing for an exam for over 3 hours per week, so I'm feeling good about my level of preparedness, particularly since I got a 10 miler in this past weekend within my target pace. All the same, I'm still starting to get some jitters thinking about it.

This week, I'm really tapering my training down to just a few miles per day for my run days. It's kind of odd to cut my weekly miles down under 10 - not counting the race on Sunday - but it's not wholly unwelcome.

I'm also looking forward to being a bit less strict about my running schedule after the race, at least for a few weeks. For the past several months, I've generally been sticking to some kind of plan for my running, so it will be nice to take some time and just run when I feel like it and go as far as I want to at the time.

I have started thinking about what my next running goal will be and I think I may aim to get my 5k time under 20 minutes. Either that or I might move my time scale up for when I want to start training for a full marathon, so I definitely have some things on the horizon that will keep me from floundering too much.

Coming up, I'm going to post reviews for two things that I've gotten recently that have made life a lot easier when I started picking my distance up significantly so keep an eye out!

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