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Good Health Tips - An Update

Back in January, I posted/ranted about some of the dumb health tips I had read about working out. I haven't been able to find the article I referenced in that post, but the general idea was that there were some exercises you shouldn't do for various reasons.

Now, there are exercises that probably aren't in line with your goals, that could lead to injury if done improperly, and yes, there are some exercises that just aren't very effective. What bothers me is the dismissive attitude that articles like that take on when approaching the subject which leads to claims like "don't do planks, they aren't good workouts because x,y,z."

What that is missing, to me, is a rational approach to scaling workouts, like planks, that do actually have a plateau of effectiveness. That's why I was so relieved when I found this article online. It's a great post that addresses the idea that holding a plank forever is not the best use of your time. Rather than just saying not to do planks and dismissing the conversation, it gives you some ways to make planks more dynamic to keep your muscles firing and working as opposed to holding a static position for minutes at a time. It's a good, short read with some graphics to help you get an idea of what motion is being incorporated, definitely worth checking out if you're looking to shake up your routine a little bit.

Primarily, it was just nice to see more places on the internet that aren't dismissive click-baiting half truths.

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