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Who Ever Thought 35 Degrees Would Feel So Warm?

Yesterday morning was so cold while I was running, it quite literally brought a tear to my eye. I guess it was the wind chill or maybe just my general drudgery yesterday that made it a lot rougher than normal, because the ambient temperature wasn't anything too far out of the ordinary and I layered up pretty well. My hands were cold the whole time, even though I was wearing my gloves that normally work pretty well so that made a bit of a difference both physically and mentally. In addition to that, I laid in bed staring at my weather app and dreading the weather for about 30 minutes before finally resolving to actually get out and get to it so that added to my mental block.

Today was a much different story since I waited until the sun had come out nicely. Yesterday, the sun didn't really come out for a few hours, but today I was able to get out in balmy 35 degree weather! It felt balmy, at least in comparison, especially by the time I got into my third mile. I was aiming for race pace today for four miles and averaged under 8:40/mile so I'm on track so far. Next week, I'll start kicking the distance on my pace runs and also see how close I can get on my long days.

I also had the bright idea to start lifting even on days that I run, which really is a good thing to do and it helps me sleep better, but after my pace run today, a circuit of bicep and tricep lifts, finished off with a couple rounds of my body weight circuit, I'm about ready to collapse. It does give me a reason to load up on more protein though, so that's always fun. I also know strengthening will help me with running so I try and stay focused on the long game rather than how much I would rather just get in bed and read.

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