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Beautiful Weekend Weather

Saturdays are the long run days for the training schedule I'm using to get ready for a half marathon, so I had a nice 6 miler yesterday. For those, there isn't any target for the pace necessarily, but I kept my average below 10 minute miles. I've decided that if I can keep my miles under 10 minutes, I'll be satisfied, but if I get them down around 9 minutes, I'll be happy. Yesterday was another nice day for a good long run, too: not terribly cold for this time of year, not too windy, and the sun came out nicely once the morning got on a little bit.

Today is really nice as well, so I'm debating whether or not to break with the schedule and run today in addition to the cross training that is on the schedule. I'm halfway into the Hardcore History series on the Mongols, the weather's great, and I'm feeling a bit antsy so it might have to happen.


As a bit of an update on my review from a few days ago on the 32 Degrees Heat shirt, I wore it the past couple times I went running with temperatures in the low thirties and upper twenties and was perfectly comfortable even without other layers. I've also washed it several times and it's held up well. One of the Amazon reviews said that the dye bled off into their load of laundry, but I haven't had that happen - I also have the grey color, so maybe it's more of a problem with a different style.

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