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Good morning with good coffee

I'm unfortunately still having issues with my hamstring. I got a run in on Saturday and felt pretty good, but I tried to get one in on Sunday and I didn't make it a half mile before I could feel something was wrong and knew that I didn't need to be adding to the strain. I mentioned in a previous post that I'm doing a 5k with some family and my girlfriend on Thanksgiving morning and I'm pretty stoked for that race. It will be my first "official" 5k race so I think it'll be interesting to see how I can perform in a race environment after having trained for it. I'm also excited to get my body up and moving so that I may not feel quite as awful if I manage two food comas in one day.

To get ready for the race, and hopefully not have any injury issues, I'm taking today and tomorrow to keep icing, stretching, and doing strength training, then I'll do a short shake out run on Wednesday just so my body is shocked when I give it a little push Thursday morning. It looks like it will be a beautfil day for a run, if not a little on the chilly side, but it ought to be a good time with the family.

On the upside of rest days, I get to have my coffee earlier and there is little i life more satisfying than having a strong brew out of your favorite coffee cup in the morning.


I love this mug.

I'll also get to spend some time today editing the second edition of the What Else Sucks podcast which I am pretty amped about - if you couldn't tell, I'm getting excited about a lot this week. I can't help it, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. There's no pretense about giving and getting presents, it's all about getting together with family, feasting, and watching football. All three of those things are awesome in my book and now I get to add a run to the already awesome holiday.

I'm about to start doing the audio engineering for a full length album from my band, The Famous Slip Slams. I did our live demo a couple months ago and was pretty pleased with how it came out so I'm really looking forward to getting things tracked out and cleaning up the sound a bit to bring everything out on its own more. I'd love to hear thoughts on the band if you feel like taking a listen!

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