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Waking Up With Great Music

I've still got a couple days left to go on getting my hamstring back into good order for running, but nice, clear days like today make it tough to stick to that. I know that if I pushed it too soon, I'd be right back in this situation and maybe a worse one moving forward though, so I just focus on getting back to 100% for now. On Thanksgiving morning, I'm running a 5k with my girlfriend and some of my family so that gives me another incentive to get my body ready to go sooner than later. At any rate, it's been a quiet week on the front of my fitness routine; just icing and strengthening some sore places, doing a little lifting, and trying not to do anything stupid.

For some reason, I haven't listened to as much music lately. I've been playing a good bit of music with different people, which has been great, but I was in a bit of a rut without some fresh ideas coming in so this morning I started cranking out some older Kings of Leon - Because of The Times - and The Dear Hunter's last full band release called Migrant. Both of which come with a high recommendation from me if you're curious for some new music. I always forget how much I enjoy Because of The Times as an album until I listen back through it and realize that every track on there is so good. Something about getting up before 8:00am, listening to some great music, and drinking some strong coffee makes me feel productive no matter what else I'm doing.

Speaking of having played a lot of music lately, once of the projects I've worked with released a live binaual recording from a show at The Cave in Chapel Hill. The outfit is called Menteur and, when I played with them, there were somewhere upwards of 10 people involved and I was playing one of three full drumkits on stage. It was a wild show and probably one of the weirdest and most fun things I've been involved with. If you're wondering what it sounds like to have a dozen or so people making music, you can check out the recording HERE (Kavernus) on the Menteur Bandcamp. I'm playing another set with them and the Sam Brown Band on the first of December at the Local 506 in Chapel Hill, so come check it out if you're in the area!

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